fablehaven favorsFablehaven Magical Items

We had a blast creating magical items from the Fablehaven series.

Check it out on the blog. A gravity rod, magic knots bracelet, gaseous potion and dizzy crystals to thrill any Fablehaven fan!


fortuneInviteIf You Invite a Cow to a Party

I spent a little time on my grandparents' Texas farm as a kid. I can say I've never seen a cow as cute as this one from BH&G.

If only he'd move over so I could see the sheep and pig too.


fortuneInviteYoshi's All Around!

Some things come and go...but my kids always love Mario. You'll find fabulous instructions for these Yoshi bags along with other Mario party ideas at Cool Party Blog.

Be sure to check out the Mushroom coin pouches!