fortuneInviteCake Masters: Dippidee

A visit to the Dippidee website is sure to either inspire cake decorating greatness or send you racing to American Fork for a scrumptious treat! Whatever happens, you'll love what you find at Dippidee!


fortuneInviteBite Size Farm Animals

Some people are serious about their cupcakes. Others are seriously hilarious! I love these guys! Think it's too silly for a 38-year-old mom to throw her own Old MacDonald birthday party? Thanks Duh-licious!


fortuneInviteCakes Are For Eating

I love a beautifully decorated cake...but the true measure of a cakes greatness comes when it's sliding off the fork. This Chocolate Valentino cake at Alpineberry promises not to disappoint.



fortuneInviteThat's a Cupcake!?!

Bakerella never ceases to amaze me. Her snowglobe cupcake tutorial is an over-top-idea for any fanciful party theme.